Team building, Company

Your company wants to take care of their employees? Take a look at the Amma massage.
Need to create a bond in your team, that its members learn to let go in confidence, through unique and original activities? I offer a group initiation to massage or a day combining hiking and massage in collaboration with Bruno, our guide at Australopiton.
Finally, we provide you with gift vouchers for all other opportunities (CE, end of year celebrations, maternity gift …)

Massage Amma for Company


Performed on an ergonomic chair or a mat on the floor, these massages allow rapid and effective relaxation by reducing the effects of stress and poor posture habits at work. They invigorate while relieving accumulated tensions.

Learn massage with company


To learn together is to create a bond, to let yourself be surprised by the other and to be able to show yourself in a different light. Through this unique and special proximity, massages stimulate discussion, communication, sharing… an asset for the future of a team.

hike and learn massage with company


Sharing a day outside the walls guided by a guide, walking, discovering wonderful places, opening all your senses, then getting together for a moment of relaxation and relaxation in the exchange, it is the culmination of an extraordinary complementarity . A great experience to live together.

In collaboration with Australopiton.

gift vouchers


To offer a massage is to offer a treasure of a precious moment. Through a unique and personalized approach, my massages are always attentive to each person’s needs and provide an immediate state of well-being while revitalizing the body.

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